What Am I Doing?

Cycling 11,704 kilometres across Africa with a bicycle expedition known as the Tour D'Afrique. It is run by a company of the same name. See the Route section for more detail.


A gap year seemed like a deserved break after graduating. I didn't want to start working straight away and things have worked out suitably so that I didn't have to. This trip fit the bill for the following reasons:

  1. I love cycling.
  2. It's different.
  3. My parents wouldn't have let me cycle across Africa solo.

Why Cycle?

It's difficult. It's fun. It's good for you.


As a slight digression from the above, it might interest you to know that in the past I have:

  • Dislocated my right arm five times (and had surgery to 'fix' it, which didn't quite work).
  • Broken my left arm once (requiring surgery to stabilise the break).
  • Broken my right hand thumb once.

These have mostly been on the bicycle. I like to think that with age I've become more mature and a better cyclist; I don't intend to break anything anytime soon.

Thanks To

This wouldn't be possible without the assistance of several people, to whom I'm very grateful.

My parents have supported me since the beginning without much persuasion, in helping manage my cashflow and otherwise.

Joolze Diamond took those polished photos on the gallery page and kindly offered me a discount.

Mosquitos Bikes in London fitted my bicycle for me at a much reduced rate and were very patient while we got the frame design just right.

No Thanks To

All those various firms who didn't have the common courtesy to reply to my inquiries. That is, put simply, poor business.

Role Models

Ian Hibell - Toured the world by bicycle. Just incredible.

Christopher McCandless - Conviction to go it alone.

Chris Pedder - The Cambridge University Cycling Club mountain bike captain when I just joined. Incredible guy, really friendly and very approachable. Also very fast. A real legend.

Philip Norman - A close friend who first got me into proper cycling. Without his help, I'd probably still weigh a metric ton.

+ All the others I've had the pleasure to cycle with. You've been awesome. (Except you, roadies. Joking.)


The reason this isn't a FAQ page is because I have yet to be asked these questions. Be assured that when questions become frequently asked, I will act to change the nature of this page accordingly.